Confluence PR

Confluence PR was established under the ENCE Marketing Group to address the growing demand for specialised communications and marketing work for B2B clients and the MICE industry.
With the diversity of events, conferences and exhibitions that happen every day, brands need to work harder to differentiate their event and their brand from the competition.
As we grow into the digital area for conference webinars and online events, well managed PR and media communications become even more important.
This is where our PR expertise and domain knowledge for the MICE industry and B2B comes into play.

Why Us

With Confluence PR, clients will be assured of getting the best in PR process and workflow management to get you the maximum coverage for your brand, as testified by our success stories in media management for other sectors.
Secondly, our conference and events PR experts will focus on bringing their knowledge to the table to help angle your pitches and your brand story for maximum effect and media support.

Our Core Values

Our core values driving our mission and towards our vision are INTELLIGENCE and INFLUENCE. We believe that as professionals in PR, the trust and respect our clients, vendors and partners are of paramount importance. With respect comes responsibility and stature which in turn confers on us the subtle power of INFLUENCE to enable us to make a difference in the world.
In this aspect, we will use our influence wisely and with INTELLIGENCE, so as to uphold the integrity and professionalism of our industry and our personal ethics as persons of upstanding moral responsibility to our clients.

Our Logo

Our logo is made up of the word Confluence, a diamond and a Queen’s crown.
The Queen’s crown draws its inspiration from the queen chess piece. She is Dynamic and Versatile, and so we must too be, to understand world trends, business shifts and how our clients can benefit from these.

The Diamond symbolises Precision and Strength – Precision in our communications and our work; Strength in our beliefs and our competencies.

Confluence itself means ‘a coming together/a synthesis’ – of ideas, of people and business networks. The diamond is designed with a heart that shows rays converging into the centre, denoting a hub.

The silver of the logo underlies a professional and solid commitment to sterling service, and respect for the industry, ,our clients, partners and team as we work to make each MICE event memorable for everyone.
Put together, the logo serves to remind us of our purpose.

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